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Affiliate FAQ

What is an affiliate program?

By becoming an eGroup Affiliate, you are able generate revenue for yourself or your organisation by advertising eGroup products on your website. By placing one or more of our eGroup advertising links on your website, we pay you a commission for every policy sale that you generate.

Will it cost me anything?

No, the affiliate program is absolutely FREE! The only investment on your part will be in the time it takes to download a banner from us and put it on your site.

I've registered but nothing has happened?

Once you have registered, a confirmation email is automatically generated and sent to your email address. Open the email and click on the link and this will direct you to our login page. You will then need to follow the step-by-step guide and proceed to login.

Iíve checked my emails and there is not one from eGroup?

Depending on your settings, sometimes our emails can be directed to your junk email folder, please check this folder.

How much am I paid for each sale?

The amount paid per policy depends on the product that is sold:

Am I paid for all sales made?

No. You will only be paid when a sold policy reaches its live date without being cancelled in advance.

When do I get paid?

We pay you at the end of every calendar month for all policies that have gone live the previous calendar month unless informed otherwise.

How am I paid?

Affiliate referral fees will be paid no more than one month in arrears. Payment will be made via BACS by the end of each month.

I have copied and pasted the graphic but it is not on my website. What do I do now?

Click your browser's refresh button, to ensure you're not looking at a cached copy of the page. If this doesn't help, contact your web designers.

Can I advertise more eGroup products or am I limited to just one?

Yes, we offer affiliate programs on all eProducts. New sites will be coming online throughout 2007- you could advertise any or all of them.

Is there a contract period?

No, we only ask that affiliate members read and agree to the terms and conditions detailed on this site. There is no minimum or maximum period for affiliates to join the scheme.

How can I influence sales?

As with all forms of advertising, the more prominent the positioning, the greater the chance of someone has of clicking on it.

You could place the link on your home page or on multiple pages.

If you email your customers, you can place a link in your email. You could even buy a policy yourself through your site.

What happens if the customer only gets a quote on their first visit and then buys the product later?

Your affiliate number is linked to the quote the customer obtains. If they then go directly back to our site and take up the quote, the sale is still tied to you and the commission will be paid when it becomes eligible.

Do you make it easy for the customers to recall a quote?

Yes, each quote is given a unique quote reference number allowing the customer to recall all the details quickly and easily.
If a customer goes directly back to our site and does not use a stored quote, we unfortunately have no way of linking that sale back to you.

What happens when a customer goes back to your site using their quote reference number, but then changes the details of the quote?

Provided the customer re-enters the quote number, they can change as many details as they like. Your commission will be paid when it becomes eligible.

What is the likelihood of a lead from my site turning into a sale?

Itís a tough question. The success or otherwise depends on many variables such as the demographics of customers using your site: age, sex, location and even the type of site you run.

I am confused about the program, would support be available?

Yes, you can email us on affiliate@egroupltd.co.uk or give us a call on 0845 219 0624.